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This writing is going to be a bit different. I am actually going to be sharing with you a thought from my mom, Chris Fiscus, who wrote the following blog. It is a challenging thought, but one we all need to hear. Enjoy!

By: Chris Fiscus

This past week, the Lord has been dealing with me regarding Freedom. Since it is a perfect time of year (July 4th) to dwell on this topic, I’d like to share. I was watching the mother bird outside of my home where she lives in a little weather beaten bird house. God spoke to my heart and said to me, “You know, if that baby bird never steps out to fly away, it will die in the nest. He is free to fly, but he has a choice to act on that freedom or not.”

Now at first I thought God was encouraging me that I have freedom in Him. I’m free from the guilt of sin, I’m free from condemnation, and I am free in the Spirit. But as my thoughts proceeded, I came to realize God was chastising me! Oh, No! I have been resting (in the nest) in His freedom and not stepping out into the true freedom. Freedom is not freedom until it is acted upon. Yes, I am free, but I’ll experience that freedom only if I act on it.

I am free to do or not to do. I am free to believe or not believe. I am free to let God use me or not, free to run, dance, shout in worship or not, free to believe in healing or not, free to give to others or not, free to love or not, free to risk it all for Christ or not, free to pray or not and on and on. I can make my choices freely.

But, with freedom comes a certain responsibility. If my generation is not free with our worship and our witness, how will the next generation know of the healing power found only in free worship? If we don’t pray for every need and depend on the Lord to answer, how will they know the security of the Lord as our source for all needs? We are free to study the word and share, or not. But what are the consequences if we don’t? If we don’t encourage new believers to seek for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, how will they ever know the power of God that comes with that infilling? They may never get out of the nest and/or experience to joy of flying.

Our freedom came at a high cost. Christ had to die for it, even as men and women have died for our freedoms in our country. We have been given this precious gift. Let’s use our freedom to forward hope, peace, love, and joy to our world. Many Christians in foreign lands would love the freedom to worship freely. Let’s use our freedom and go to church, raise our hands unashamed, move in the gifts of the Spirit and shine our light to the world.

What a great word for every Christian. We are not only free FROM things, but we are also free TO DO things. Let's take full advantage of both types of freedom we enjoy.
~Pastor Josh
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