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At our church, we LOVE to worship God!  Now, technically, worship is a lifestyle that doesn't stop when you leave the church, but one of our favorite ways to worship is through music.  Our worship team has a passion to worship God through their musical abilities.  While we tend to focus more on modern, contemporary songs, we also like to blend the old with the new...often taking older songs (and often even hymns) and blending them with newer styles and songs so that everyone can feel like they have a part in the service.  Either way, when we come together as a family, we love to have fun.  The music is lively, exciting, and moving, but far more important than the style is the heart behind it all.  That heart is the heart of freedom, of intimacy, and of true worship.  Once you experience that heart of worship, you will find freedom you never knew possible.  That's what our worship team is all about.  That's why we take time to learn new songs, that's why we practice, that's why we pray together before each service, and that's why we serve.  We want you to experience it.

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