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There is a revolution going on in Douglas County. It has been underground for quite some time now, but no longer will we be kept silent. We have decided that we are going live our lives out loud and let our voices be heard. We are the Revelators Of A Revolution and our lives will be a loud cry that change is coming.

We are different. We act different. We talk different. We think different. We live different. We are the carriers of the truth. We will stand when we should be falling because our foundation is different. We will fight when the battle seems hopeless because our weapons are different. We will love when we are hated because our hearts are different. We will smile when we should be trembling because our joy is different. We share our faith even when others tell us to be quiet because our truth is different. We do not rely on ourselves, our friends, or our families. We rely on one much greater than any other. His name is Jesus.

This revolution is growing in the hearts and minds of young people and we will not be stopped. No longer will we remain idle while our friends and family are taken by the enemy. The revolution has begun. Will you join it?

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