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What To Expect:

New Beginnings Family is one of the friendliest and most welcoming places you or your family will ever encounter, so expect to be greeted warmly.  When you come for our Easter service, here are some things you can expect.  The service begins with a countdown video and then we welcome everyone, pray, and start up the music.  We like to have fun, so expect to have fun with us.  The kids and the adults all start off together, and we even have some children that participate.  Once the music is finished, we take time to give financially (don't feel any pressure to do so), we'll dismiss the kids to their class (they will LOVE it!), and we have a special guest speaker who will have a special message for us. 

Once service is over, we head outside to the field we have behind the church, and the kids go hunting for eggs.  Some eggs have tickets hidden in them that they can turn in for prizes.  If you've filled out the card we gave you when you arrived, we'll contact you the following week to answer any questions you might have for us and to pray with you about anything you'd like.  After that, when you come back again, you can expect that we'll treat you like you're part of the family, because that's what we are here...we're a family.

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